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One of the most wonderful things about the internet is the ability to connect with people you may not otherwise come across. It’s especially amazing for creatives, without the internet, I probably never would have connected with the super talented Kath of 72 Design!

How beautiful is this illustration? I love the details she’s captured from this post, I am absolutely in love with her style of her work, I highly recommend giving her a follow on instagram and checking out her website!



Bulgogi Empanadas


This recipe is kind of everything I want in food: it’s sweet grilled korean bulgogi wrapped in a buttery flakey crust and it fits into my lifestyle as someone who does not have it together 85% of the time. It’s easy to freeze and bake later when I’m lazy AND it’s the kind of food you eat with your hands, meaning I can just grab it and go without having to fuss with cutlery. I’m kind of a mess in my day to day life and being able to pop these in the oven after the gym while I shower and eating them in the car on my way to my next appointment is a life saver.


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Rhubarb Oat Crumble Popsicle


Who doesn’t want ice cream for breakfast? Well, maybe normal sane adults, but certainly not me. These popsicles were born out of necessity, because I have no willpower when ice cream is involved. They’re made with rhubarb compote, granola, and yogurt, so you can totally eat these first thing in the morning without feeling the slightest bit guilty. 

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Spicy Chicken Katsu Sando


Today’s post takes further advantage of the gorgeous weather with the perfect katsu sandos for a picnic in the sun. Well, that was the intention at least! The picnic plans ended up falling through, but these were just as enjoyable out on my balcony on my own. (…is that sad? Who cares, the sandwiches were so good AND I got someone to get rid of all the spiders the day before so I was perfectly content.)

Katsu sando’s are one of my favourite classic japanese sandwiches, you really can’t go wrong with soft white asian bread, a crispy breaded piece of pork, and occasionally some cabbage for extra crunch and texture. My recipe utilizes chicken instead of pork because that’s usually what I have on hand and I like to make my breading quite spicy. Instead of plain cabbage, I like to make a citrusy coleslaw with asian pear, for some sweetness and acid to cut through the spice of the katsu. I still use the classic crust cut off white bread, because really, there’s no improving that. I almost never eat white bread, but really, japanese sandwiches just wouldn’t be right with whole wheat. Recipe after the cut! 

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Mango Tajin & Watermelon Lime Pops


The weather in Vancouver has been absolutely amazing lately, so of course I’ve been on a popsicle making SPREE. I think homemade popsicles might be one of my favourite parts about summer, they’re so easy, refreshing, and most of time they’re surprisingly healthy for how indulgent they taste.

Do yourself a favour and whip up a batch of these ASAP because they are perfect for laying poolside, lying on the roof on a hot summer night, and pretty much every other summer activity. 

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Rose Milk Tea Chia Seed Pudding


Rose milk tea is like, my holy grail bubble tea. Is that super Asian to say? That I have a holy grail bubble tea? Well I don’t care, because I do. It’s hard to get right though, only two places in Richmond make them to my satisfaction (Well Tea and Memory Corner, if you’re curious). I actually had one that was so gross at Pearl Castle that even after I left the store, I had to turn back and return it because it was *that* undrinkable. It just tasted like powdered evaporated milk and water.

A good rose milk tea isn’t too milky, you can still taste the black tea distinctly but the first note is the sweet floral flavour of rose. Rose milk tea at bubble tea places are either made from a powder mix or by adding rose syrup to their milk tea. Both are acceptable, but will probably give me diabetes and/or cancer if I continue to consume them at the rate that I’d prefer to. That and I’ll go broke, $5.75 per bubble tea is no joke when you have them as often as I do. To combat this, I started to experiment with making a healthier alternative at home, and I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Rose milk tea chia seed pudding! The chia seeds provide the texture I’d normally get from boba, it’s not exactly as satisfying or chewy but for health reasons, I’ll take it. It’s also not very pretty, hence the lack of pictures. It comes out this beige (almost grey from the chia seeds) colour, but I promise it tastes amazing.

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Belgard Kitchen

Belgard Kitchen

55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver BC.

Rating: 1 (Poor) 2 (Meh, average) 3 (Good, but may not reorder) 4 (Good) 5 (Still dreaming about this dish!)


Belgard Kitchen is attached to the Vancouver Urban Winery and Postmark Brewery, and utilizes the products of the winery and brewery in their menu. It’s a beautiful space, but it definitely has a few drawbacks. This visit was the second time I’ve been here, the first was for a birthday in August. The room suffers from some temperature regulation problems, during my last visit it was boiling hot and during this visit it was freezing cold.

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